'Tango on a Tightrope - An Investigation of Media-Politics Dynamics in Ten Years of EU Crises' (Oct-2018 - September 2022)

'Tango on a Tightrope' is my three-year research project investigating media-politics dynamics during ten years of EU crises: On the one hand, I will look at executives' crisis communication in the form of press releases; on the other hand, news media 'EU crisis coverage' will be analysed to understand who is leading 'the tango'. All data will be collected and analysed relying on computational approaches, i.e. web scraping routines and automated content analysis.

The project is conducted at the University of Vienna's Computational Communication Science Lab, an interdisciplinary research unit led by Hajo Boomgaarden and Annie Waldherr. It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund in the Hertha-Firnberg Program (234,210 €; Grant Number T-989; own role: Principal Investigator).

Moreover, a complementary study focusing solely on the case of Austria is funded by the Austrian National Bank's Anniversary Fund (111,000 €; Grant Number 18120; own role: Co-Principal Investigator (together with Hajo Boomgaarden) for two years. Collaborators in this complementary project are Tobias Heidenreich and Nina Kriegler.

The dataset of press releases collected in the context of these projects has been published in the Austrian Social Science Data Archive (AUSSDA) in 2022 (see below for reference and link).

Published Papers:

Brändle, Verena K. & Olga Eisele (forthcoming): A Thin Line: Governmental Border Communication in Times of European Crisis. Journal of Common Market Studies.

Heidenreich, Tobias, Olga Eisele, Kohei Watanabe & Hajo G. Boomgaarden (2022): Exploring Engagement with EU News on Facebook: The Influence of Content Characteristics. Politics & Governance 10(1).

Eisele, Olga, Olga Litvyak, Verena K. Brändle, Paul Balluff, Andreas Fischeneder, Catherine Sotirakou, Pamina Syed Ali & Hajo G. Boomgaarden (2021): An Emotional Rally: Exploring Commenters' Responses to Online News Coverage of the COVID-19 Crisis in Austria. Digital Journalism.

Eisele, Olga, Petro Tolochko & Hajo G. Boomgaarden (2021): How do executives communicate about crises? A framework for comparative analysis. European Journal of Political Research.

  • See also: Eisele, Olga, Petro Tolochko & Hajo G. Boomgaarden (2021). How do executives communicate about crises? A framework for comparative analysis - Replication data and code. https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/VXF7Z


Eisele, Olga, Tobias Heidenreich & Hajo G. Boomgaarden (2022): x-pr: A Dataset of 12 Years of eXecutives' Press Releases. AUSSDA: Vienna.

Papers in Developement/under Review: