'Tango on a Tightrope - An Investigation of Media-Politics Dynamics in Ten Years of EU Crises' (Oct-2018 - ongoing)

'Tango on a Tightrope' is my three-year research project investigating media-politics dynamics during ten years of EU crises: On the one hand, I will look at executives' crisis communication in the form of press releases; on the other hand, news media 'EU crisis coverage' will be analysed to understand who is leading 'the tango'. All data will be collected and analysed relying on computational approaches, i.e. web scraping routines and automated content analysis.

The project is conducted at the University of Vienna's Computational Communication Science Lab, an interdisciplinary research unit led by Hajo Boomgaarden. It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund in the Hertha-Firnberg Program (234,210 €; Grant Number T-989; own role: Principal Investigator).

Moreover, a complementary study focusing solely on the case of Austria is funded by the Austrian National Bank's Anniversary Fund (111,000 €; Grant Number 18120; own role: Co-Principal Investigator (together with Hajo Boomgaarden) for two years. Collaborator in this complementary project is Tobias Heidenreich.

Papers in Developement/under Review linked to these Projects:

'Contestation of Truth - Public Discourses on Migration in Central Europe in the Post-Truth Era' (Jan-2019 - ongoing)

For the project 'Contestation of Truth', I was co-applicant together with the project's principal investigator Alena Kluknavská from Masaryk University in Brno (CZ). The project takes Austria and the Czech Republic as case studies to look at the contestation of truth in different media outlets - mainstream news media, social media, and alternative right-wing media. Methodologically, we start with more qualitatively-oriented manual claims-coding which will later on be expanded to an automated analysis of six years of media data.

The project is led by Alena Kluknavská, funded in the Junior program of the Czech Funding Agency for three years. Collaborators are Jan Hanzelka and Miroslav Nemcok. For more information and updates on the project, please follow this link.

Papers in Developement/under Review linked to this Project:

TransSOL - Transnational Solidarity at Times of Crisis

After defending my PhD thesis in May 2017, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the EU project TransSOL which was concluded in May 2018. The project dealt with questions of solidarity in Europe and how different types of crises have affected it. My main responsibilities were in Work Package 5, dealing with a large-scale comparative media analysis of solidarity claims and Facebook comments during the 'refugee crisis' of 2015/2016.

I was member of the coordinating team; TransSOL's coordinator was Christian Lahusen at Siegen University. While the project is concluded already, we are still working on several publications. Updates on publications can be followed on TransSOL's Researchgate Page.